What Makes a Great Family Dentist?

Find out what makes a great family dentist from an expert's perspective. Learn about the qualities to look for when choosing a family dentist.

What Makes a Great Family Dentist?

The most important qualities of a great family dentist are being well-informed, an expert in their field, and trustworthy. A dentist must have excellent communication skills and be compassionate. It's ideal if your family dentist is local and has convenient office hours. The best dentists enjoy their work and are fascinated by the mouth and its connections to the rest of the body.

Jindia, an ideal dentist, participates in community service and helps those in need with oral care and treatment. Many dentists like to provide free dental care, such as extractions and implants, to those who don't have access to it. The second quality you should look for in a dentist is good communication. Not only should a good dentist have a plan for caring for and correcting tooth problems, but they should also be upfront about the costs of each procedure.

A dentist with good communication skills not only creates a trusting relationship between doctor and patient, but also helps to avoid problems later on. Communication is also necessary for a dentist to explain the possible options that their patients can choose. While many dental procedures are very complex, a good dentist will explain them in terms that the patient can understand. A good dentist wants to help you, but the best dentists use their listening skills as much as their technical skills.

If you review the list above and discover that your dentist is missing several of these qualities, it could be a sign that you have a bad dentist. When your dentist greets you warmly and asks you about your family or work, it may seem like they like you. However, if your dentist treats your practice as if it were a one-time job, it might be time to find another dentist. Because dentists work in a very small, sensitive space in the body, a good dentist communicates with the patient during every step of the procedure, making sure that they are comfortable and not feeling too much pain.