Does an O'Fallon Dentist Offer Periodontal Services?

O'Fallon Family Dental Care offers periodontal services such as scraping, root smoothing, bone and tissue grafting, antibiotics & more! Dr Barry Brace is an expert cosmetic & restorative dentist who provides first-class dental services.

Does an O'Fallon Dentist Offer Periodontal Services?

Thanks to advances in detection and treatment, O'Fallon Family Dental Care can detect periodontal disease early and start treatment before it becomes complicated.

Periodontal disease

can be treated with many treatment options, such as scraping, root smoothing, bone and tissue grafting, and antibiotics. Barry Brace is considered the best dentist in O'Fallon. He has been providing first-class dental services to communities in St.

Brace and is in such high demand that he has opened two centers: Kirkwood and O'Fallon. He is recognized as O'Fallon's premier cosmetic dentist offering implant dentistry and sedation, in addition to providing excellent family dental care. Thanks to his experience in these areas, he can bring back a beautiful, healthy smile and restore your self-confidence. Dr.

Brace continues his education in the dental field and continues to employ the best in dental care. His offices are equipped with the latest dental technology and emphasize comprehensive general dentistry, which offers many variations of dental care, including preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, restorative dentistry, treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, periodontal disease, and endodontic treatments. Brace and the staff at his O'Fallon dentist take preventive care very seriously, emphasizing frequent cleaning, brushing teeth and flossing. He believes that early intervention is the best course of action to take when it comes to solving problems a client may be experiencing.

Brace believes in many cases that preventive dentistry goes beyond the mouth, so don't be surprised to see him advise his patients on the right foods to promote dental health. There is growing evidence that having a clean and disease-free mouth can help prevent other medical problems. Brace has been whitening the smiles of O'Fallon customers for more than 20 years. He uses a tray whitener at home or a teeth whitening system in the office.

Brace is also an expert cosmetic dentist, who replaces missing teeth, treats tooth loss without dentures, and stabilizes loose dentures, eliminating the need to use denture adhesive. He creates cosmetic smiles that are naturally attractive and long lasting. He also uses the latest technology to restore both implants and natural teeth. As an expert restorative dentist from O'Fallon, Dr.

Brace restores cracked or broken tooth decay in a highly natural and cosmetic way by using white mercury-free fillings. Most patients want them and think they look better. Not only are these restored teeth highly aesthetic, but these fillings are affordable and fully functional.